Multiple Children:
What Can Make Your Life 10x Easier

Have you ever seen a mother with 3 children either all the same age or under the age of 4- and wondered how she still seems so put together?

It could be that she is “faking it” on the outside and cries every night in the shower or it could actually be that she has gotten it down to a science. No matter what is behind her sense of organization and calm, we are certain you are jealous.

If you find yourself wanting to pull your hair out, frazzled, depressed, and lost with how to raise multiples- you are not alone!

Here we have consulted with moms of multiple children to find out what they find makes their lives so much easier when raising a trio of little ones.


#1 Realize You are Not Superwoman

Women have a large tendency to think that we have to do it all, and do it perfectly in order to succeed as a mother. However, just like every other person on the planet we are flawed and human.

With this being said, a parent of multiples has multiple responsibilities all at once and not everything can be done perfectly, all the time.

Realize this and accept it for what it is and just try to do your best, unburdening yourself of this enormous self-criticism will help you to get through the day to day chaos much easier.


#2 Take Time out for Yourself: Whenever Possible

We understand that this is easier said than done! However, there are times where the babies may be sleeping, not hungry, dry diapered, and happy where you can sit down, breathe, nap, read a book, watch show, or take a bath.

Try to utilize just 10 minutes to do something for yourself so that you can better recover emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Also you may have tons of people asking you to babysit or offering to help you with the kids- do take advantage of it to give yourself the time you need to balance your life.

Have a date night with your partner, spend special time with an individual child, have a girl’s night out- but just be sure at least once a month you get out of the house and out of mommy mode long enough to maintain your identity.


#3 Structure a Schedule

Raising multiple children is very demanding, especially when each child needs something at a different time. Although you cannot always control this and make it at your convenience, you can attempt a structured schedule that will help you have the time you need to serve every demand that is brought to your attention.

If this means assembly lining their diaper changes, feeding them at a certain time each day, and also bath time, nap time, bedtime etc.., it will actually help you to adapt them to schedules and before you know it they will be on your time!


#4 Find Time Sparing Shortcuts

When it comes to living with multiples with hundreds of needs per day, it is no picnic. The best thing you can do is spare time where you can at all costs. This means perhaps, cooking dinner for the family in a cooker, bathing the babies at once, or actually using all those wonderful baby gadgets that entertain and contain the children.

Put them in a swing, a baby carrier, a play mat, a stroller, a bouncer, or something all at the same time or differently to pacify them so that you can multi-task to fix bottles, snacks, change diapers, and more.



Raising Multiple Children: Bottom Line

When it comes to raising multiple children, you should take any advice or help that you can get. As long as it isn’t someone questioning your ability to be a good mother and parent, take it in stride as it may just be the saving grace that keeps you from losing it every-time you get overwhelmed with the great responsibilities you have and stress that you are under.