Foundations ® Quad Four Child Stroller – Full Review



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Foundations makes a Quad 4-Passenger Stroller. They have two models – the Sport (older model) and LX4 (newer model).

Those two models very similar in terms of features. We will focus in our review on the LX4 model (There isn’t significant difference between the older model and the LX – The braking system is a little better and there’s a general feel that the LX is a little more comfortable and can handle more wear-and-tear).

Foundations’ Quad LX 4-Passenger Stroller is a good stroller for seating three or four children.

It has a hand brake that is very effective but some find to be too strong for what they need. It’s a somewhat bulky stroller, so you might not fit perfectly in every store but it’ll make it through most doors and it will take a beating.

Owners who have had this stroller and the triplet strollers from Foundations have said that this stroller is much stronger and doesn’t have any of the same fraying and wearing issues. If you’ve got the size, this is a strong stroller.

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Overall Impressions

Foundations’ Quad LX 4-Passenger Stroller is a very sturdy and useful stroller that’s a little awkward because of its size and weight.

It’s earned the nickname “The SUV of Strollers” and that’s a pretty apt description. It’s a very roomy stroller for everyone and it’s easy to push once you get things going. The steering is well-made and customers say that they’ve had no issues with tipping or turning even if the weight wasn’t distributed evenly.

The seats offer reclining options and these seem to be a big hit with kids. Lots of reviewers say kids cozy up to the stroller and have enough room to nap with ease. Unlike some of the other models, the Quad LX 4-Passenger Stroller has stood up to punishment and isn’t prone to fraying.

Your four sit in two rows of two, all facing forward with a single canopy guarding everyone. This can mean that some in the back get a little less of a view but it makes up for that with a slim profile. This stroller will move through just about any door you come across. It also fits in the back of most trucks and mini vans, though smaller cars will have some trouble fitting it – that goes pretty much for all four seaters.

The Quad LX 4-Passenger Stroller specifications are:

  • Dimensions: 48.5″L x 33″W x 39.5″H
  • Folded Dimensions: 42″L x 33″W x 30″H
  • Weight 84 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Leg Room: 8.5″ from front edge of second row seat to the back of the first row seat
  • Seat Weight Limit: 50 lbs. per seat

One of the biggest gripes is that there’s some assembly required and people have had issue installing the runaway brake line. It has caused problems for a few users, but Foundations provides support and a couple sets of directions so you should be able to put it together just fine, but expect it to take a little while.

The weight and height of the stroller contribute to its main problems: it’s hard to see around for many and it’s too heavy for some to lift into their car. Its heft can also make it hard to fold up, though this will get easier over time.

The retention straps use a double-D-ring design that is really hard to use. Unfortunately, it’s hard to fold the stroller up tight enough so that you can ease up the straps; so many customers just forgo using these.

There are a few other issues with secondary parts, like the front bar being able to be kicked off by feisty kids or the large storage space having something of a limited access when the stroller is loaded with kids.



There are few accessories made by Foundations itself for any of its strollers, and this line seems to have no specific accessory.

Many users report that they needed to purchase their own storage for wallets, cups and small things. Lots of people also purchased mesh bags and other packs because they needed more storage space to access things while they’re pushing the stroller.



How do I know if this stroller best for me?

If you’ve got three/four kids and some muscles this can be a great stroller for you. Users and their kids seem to really like the design and the stability it provides.

It makes sense for you if you don’t want to use the brake lever because most users zip tie or otherwise wrap up the handle so the safety brake system is never engaged.

This will fit through just about any door you meet, so it’s great for all of your daily errands. It can be a little heavy, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a big enough car to accommodate its specs above.

It’s a great stroller for keeping everyone and all of their goodies together. You’ll have some peace of mind knowing that all are safe and contained in crowded places.

At under $500 – usually close to $400 or $350 – price is also not a big factor. This is a great piece for most families with three/four kids.



Common Questions

“What warranty comes with the stroller?”

Foundations provides a limited one-year warranty and requires that you properly assemble and use the stroller. The warranty doesn’t cover scratches, dents or cosmetic damage. The warranty information provided by Foundations is relatively vague and some customers have said they were charger a significant restocking fee when seeking a refund.

“Do the seats recline fully?”

No, they don’t go back enough to be flat for an infant.

“Do car seats work with the stroller?”

No. The stroller does not appear to support any car seat or infant seat.

“Do the sun shades come off?”

Yes. Shades may be somewhat difficult to remove but they can be removed for storage or walking around.

“Do the brakes cause problems?”

This model seems to have a sensitive brake but it does not suffer from the damage and loss of braking common in other Foundations models.

“How does it handle ice?”

The stroller has been fine for many on ice, though few have gone through a heavy snow. Treat it like a shopping cart and you’ll do fine.

“What workload does the stroller take?”

This is not a jogging stroller, but it does perform well for walking around the neighborhood or mall. It is fully collapsible but its weight makes it somewhat difficult to use.

“Is there a major difference between the older model and the LX?”

Nothing significant. The braking system is a little better and there’s a general feel that the LX is a little more comfortable and can handle more wear-and-tear.



Powerful automatic braking
Fits through most doors
Too heavy for kids to push
Very sturdy
Infant car seats can fit into the back seat and still have enough room for a toddler in the next seat; however, it doesn’t officially support these seats
Very easy to clean
Ample storage



Some assembly required
Very heavy and somewhat hard to pick up and load for a single adult
Wheels don’t turn when folded
Can sink in gravel or mud due to weight
Back seats use buckles for reclining and sitting up; sometimes these can be too short and stick seats in the reclining position
Storage access is limited by feet and seats


About the Stroller Company

Foundations is mostly a crib maker and produces products for hotels and homes.


The company touts its services for major hotel chains and other high-use environments.

The company publishes its core principles in the manuals of its products:

  • Children are our most valuable citizens, and therefore, must be cherished.
  • The proper development of our children is the solution to society’s challenges.
  • It is everyone’s responsibility to contribute to the well-being and development of our children.
  • Children in our care must always be our highest priority.
  • The resources needed to care for children should be accessible to all.



Final Recommendation

This may not be the best stroller if you just have three kids, but it’s perfect if you have four or the fourth may be on the way (Note – if you have three kids, you might consider using the four seat for more storage). It’s also great for daycare providers who take kids on excursions.

It’s a heavy stroller and you’ll need some muscles to get it into any high truck or van, but it’ll allow you to keep everyone and everything very well contained.


If you’re looking for the versatility, endurance and space but want to cut costs, you can opt for the older model (lacks the LX branding) online and save about $100.






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