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ABC (Adventure Buggy Company) Adventure Buggy designs are among the coolest looking  for strollers on our list. Unfortunately for you U.S. readers, the company still doesn’t have a U.S. seller so you’ll be importing it from New Zealand, pushing its price up.

It supports three/four kids with two on a bottom, outward-facing stroller and a top seat of one\two kids, that faces mommy or daddy. Its front wheels swivel and it’ll get through all standard doors with ease, so you’ve got a smooth ride with this interesting stroller.


Overall Impressions

Their Buggy is a side by side model (“Everest Twin Buggy”) which cost about $937.40, and it has three options for additional passengers.


Adding Toddler Seats

There are 3 different models of toddler seats.

  1. Single static toddler seat.
  2. Single reclining toddler seat.
  3. Double reclining toddler seats.

You simply add an ABC toddler top seat to your ABC Adventure Twin Buggy to suit your families requirements.

Option #1  –
ABC Adventure Buggy Twin/Double Pram + Static Toddler Seat

The first option is adding one static toddler seat ($233.77). Total price for both without international shipping is about $1,132 (instead of $1,171)



Option #2 –
ABC Adventure Buggy Everest Triplets/Twin Pram + Reclining Toddler Seat

The second option is adding one reclining toddler seat ($311.95).
Total price without international shipping is about $1,249.35


Option #3 –
ABC Adventure Buggy Company Quad Buggy Pram +Double Reclining TS

The third option is adding double reclining toddler seats ($390.13). Total price without international shipping is about $1,327.53


Watch the Triple and Quad Buggy in Action

With the ABC Adventure Buggy, you can remove the top seat when your eldest is able to walk by with you. Another big advantage of the ABC over traditional side by side triples is that it’s nowhere near as wide and all three/four seats can be used for newborns.

That means you’re good to go if you’ve got newborns. Since the bottom seats can hold more than 150 pounds combined this will last you a long time. The top seat will hold up to around 40 pounds, so that’s likely your big limiter for how long you can use this stroller.

This stroller’s specs are:

  • Width: 74cm (29 inches)
  • Length: 130cm (front wheels on) (52 inches)
  • Folded flat height is approx. 25cm (9.8 inches)
  • Weight: 15kg (33 lbs.)
  • Reclining Toddler Seat weight: 4kg (8.8 lbs.)
  • Bottom seats can each hold up to 35 kg (77 lbs.)
  • The top seat can hold up to 19 kg (40 lbs.)

It’s a very light stroller for seating three and it’s got a very smart wheel base that adds a lot of stability while giving you a small turn radius. Another feature that parents will love is that you can fold the whole thing with just a single hand.

It’s got a simple latch-like mechanism that collapses the entire thing in one smooth motion. All of the wheels can be removed with a spring-button release.

All the top seat models including the Static Toddler Seat that your little one up top is using needs to be removed before collapsing, but this too uses a spring-button release.

One big downside to this stroller could be significant depending on your kids. The setup means that the one up top won’t get a good show, but will get a lot of mommy or daddy’s attention. This could cause a bit of jealousy from the little ones. You’ll also see fights over who has to sit there since the other seats are side-by-side and will promote a shared experience between those two kiddos.

Whoever is on top will get a worse view too. However, if you’ve got one child who is a bit younger than the other two, this may be a good way to keep them separated from any picking and help you keep an eye on them.

Another issue that, while easy to steer with two hands, it’s hard to control sometimes. The stroller stands more than 5 feet tall, so you may not be able to see any small objects or kids that run in your way.

Some users have said that the wheels lock and no longer swivel, which can be a problem if you’re in the middle of a turn. One reviewer said they saw a stroller tip over when the wheels locked.


Go Bubba Go and eBay Australia are the exclusive sellers for Adventure Buggy products. While the company is mostly limited to Australia and New Zealand, it also will ship across the world.





The rain cover, sun mesh and extreme weather covers come standard for all three seats, so the accessories that ABC sells are more about comfort. They currently offer:

ABC Baby Mattress Pram Liner: This is a soft fleece liner made for newborns. The head support can be removed as your child grows but you can keep the comfortable liner afterwards.



ABC Sleeping Bag: For winter months, this zip-on item works with the five-point harness and keeps everyone warm and cozy as they nap. You can use the back as a liner and zip on the front as well.


You can find additional accessories from Go Bubba Go including:

  • Wheels / Inner Tubes
  • Sunshade Umbrella
  • Cup Holder
  • Surfer Board for Toddler
  • Baby Mattress
  • Rain Cover
  • Baby Carrier Bassinet
  • Sunmesh
  • Umbrella Sun Shade
  • ABC Adventure Buggy Bac-Pack
  • Wheel Stability Kit

The one thing that customers are adding on their own is a cup holder. While it’s got good storage, that’s a much needed item. Make sure to get something that attaches low on a handle so the upper-most little one isn’t in kicking distance.


How do I know if this stroller best for me?

If you have a chance to purchase the stroller without getting hit by a large import fee it can be a great choice for you. You’ll need to be somewhat tall so you can see over the top seat, but then you’ll have a great stroller.

If you’re walking a lot, especially to nearby stores, this can be good since you won’t need to collapse it on a regular basis. It absorbs shock very well so you’ll have a nice, smooth glide.





Common Questions

“Is there a warranty?”

All Adventure Buggy Company strollers are covered by a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. It covers workmanship and materials for one year, but you’ll need to keep your receipt so that the company knows when you bought the item.

“Are the bottom seats safe to use with only one toddler in them so that one side is heavier?”

The seats are stable and safe enough to use with only one child, even if you’re reclining. It won’t tip.

“What is the height of the Reclining Toddler/Newborn Seat when fitted to the ABC Buggy?”

The height of the stroller with the seat attached and the canopy up is 145cm (57 inches; 130cm (51 inches) with canopy removed.

“What type of brakes does the stroller have?”

The ABC has a kick down/up brake bar that is easily accessed at the rear of the buggy.

“Is the top mounted toddler seat safe; will the stroller tip over?”

The company said that the top seat is specially designed and balances. It says it hasn’t had any safety concerns with the top-mounted seats. The top mounted toddler seat is in fact much safer and easier to use than most front mounted toddler seats.


Good peekaboo window to see the bottom seats.
Easy to push and very light.
Accommodates kids for years
Works well on many different terrains
Supports a lot of weight.
Goes from a double to triple in under a minute.
Decent storage.
Very smooth ride.


Very expensive
No U.S. dealer and limited dealers in the E.U., so repair and replacement parts can be hard to obtain or very expensive to ship
Hard to fit in some cars; you’ll probably take off the wheels
Folds very flat but also very long
Can’t be pushed with one hand
The stroller is about 65 inches tall with the third seat on top.


About the Stroller Company

All ABC Adventure Buggy Products are designed and made in New Zealand by Phil and Ted Green. The pair has been making strollers since 1993 and they also have another stroller company with a pretty great name: Phil & Teds most excellent Buggy Company.

They focus most of their work on New Zealand needs, so you’ve got a lot of great suspensions in the buggies with good wheels made to reduce impacts. Their smaller buggies are all solid joggers.


Final Recommendation

This is perhaps the most interesting looking stroller on our list and it’s a very stable stroller. The stacking keeps it from being too wide and the stroller can take a lot of walking over a wide range of terrains.

It’s a great buy if you can find a dealer or don’t mind paying to import them. Sometimes users in the U.S., U.K. and E.U. have found sellers through eBay and Amazon, so you’ll get a good deal every now and again.

It’s very smooth and easy to maintain. The only significant downside is how tall it is. If you can see over the height of the third seat, there’s no reason we can find not to recommend this one to you.

Note: We don’t actually sell any strollers here at; we just review and evaluate them. However, we do look for the best dealers and prices on the internet.

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